I’d been struggling with making decisions, without necessarily knowing that was happening. Things just “weren’t happening” and I wasn’t moving forwards. A few sessions with Maxine have allowed me to start to listen to myself again, and understand where this issue is coming from, and most importantly I have started to move forwards again, confidently. Thank you!!. 
Phil Drinkwater
Spending time with Maxine working on my goals is exactly what I’ve needed. For too long, I’ve being saying “I’ll start that next week”, from day 1 working with Maxine I already had a commitment and a realistic goal set! Maxine’s no-nonsense approach means she can see through my excuses and ensures I remain on track, all whilst being held accountable. Life coaching isn’t something I’ve considered before, however after one call with Maxine where she explained the logic behind goal setting and why we don’t always stick to them really helped and opened by eyes lot! Would definitely recommend Maxine!
Maxine’s direct no-nonsense attitude cuts through all the brain fog and straight to the root of anxieties. Not only can she skillfully help you identify when you are not being your own best friend but she can also help you understand different perspectives and call a spade a spade! I’ve thorough enjoyed working with Maxine and have learnt a lot in the process – look forward to further progress towards being the best I can be with her insightful, respectful attitude Maxine rocks!


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