What are the benefits of having a Life Coach?

Life coaching is about much more than just setting goals and achieving them. 65% of clients come to a life coach to do just that and also want to find their purpose, so that they can do what it is they love, increase their confidence and find happiness.

Research from the International Coaching Federation found that, for those who have used a life coach:

  • 80% improved their self-confidence
  • 72% improved their communication skills
  • 57% improved their time management skills
  • Check out my section on successful people to find out more

Does Life Coaching really work?

Working with a life coach can help you set better goals and achieve them faster than you will on your own.

For life coaching to really work for you need to be open to new ideas, changing the way you think and to commit to taking action.

In our free consultation session we will talk about exactly that.

It may transpire that you are not ready for a life coach or that you  may actually be looking for a mentor, counsellor or maybe a financial advisor. It may be that my coaching style is not for you. My personal values and integrity mean that even if I am not the right person at the right time I will work with you to find some alternative options.

What should I expect from a Life Coach?

Following our consultation, we will be able to understand and agree the best options for you.

Before your very first life coaching session I will ask you to complete a very short questionnaire to give us more focus on where you would like to start. As a follow up I will then ask you to complete a short preparation form as basis for each subsequent conversation.

After each life coaching session we will have agreed some next steps or goals and I will encourage you to celebrate your success with me between each session. As an accountability coach I may also chase you up to find out what’s stopping you.

We work in a bespoke way that facilitates a greater chance of success.

We will agree how often life coaching sessions take place and agree a fee to enable to you get maximum value from our time together.

Your life coaching experience is completely bespoke to your needs and desired outcomes, I may take you out of your comfort zone but never beyond your limits.

What’s the difference between Life Coaching and Therapy?

It’s all about past and future.

In therapy  a client will work a healthcare professional to diagnose and resolve issues, beliefs and behaviours, by focusing on past traumas and issues to change self-destructive habits and work through painful feelings, with the intention that making sense or an resolving how we feel about the past will create a happier present and future.

Some life coaches are also healthcare professionals and therapists but life coaches are not required to be so. As your life coach my job is to work with you to make your road to success clear and highly desirable, helping you to overcome any habits, beliefs and behaviours that are preventing you from getting there.

It’s all about breakthroughs, actions and results.

Is hiring a Life Coach a good idea for me?

Not everyone is ready for life coaching and the fact that you are on this page shows that perhaps you may be. Let’s check.

If you can answer the following questions with a YES then you are good to go.

  • Are you willing to make changes and sometimes be outside of your comfort zone? (This is where the best breakthroughs happen!)
  • Are you ready to be challenged in a safe and supportive environment?
  • Are you ready to explore your beliefs and values to help you get what you want?
  • Do you view coaching as an investment?

All good? Then contact me for your free 30 minute consultation.

If you are thinking to yourself ‘I’d quite like to make change but are unsure on any of these questions then, think it over.

I will be here when you are ready.

How do I find the right Life Coach for me?

This can often be a case of matching  personality and style and a great life coach will always give you a free consultation before either of you commit to a coaching agreement. 

If either of us believe that it’s not the right match then we can use some time to explore the alternatives.

Your success matters to me, even if that means me referring you to one of the coaches in my acquaintance, a mentor, therapist or counsellor, I’m listening out for what you really need.

 If now you are ready, take a look at my testimonials


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