About me

I have had a great career, working in some interesting and challenging roles within and for some top companies, recruiting and developing top talent, surrounded by smart, driven and supportive people, but there was always a voice in my head telling me I could be doing more.

If you want to find out more here is my LinkedIn profile.

Why I became a coach

I had been attracted to coaching for years. I went on courses, read books and practiced a little. But I never made the move, even ignoring the fact that someone gave me a thankyou card containing a whopping amount of cash for what we had agreed was to be free coaching. (I refused it naturally).

My life and career have given me valuable experience and  insights and I have few regrets, one of them being I didn’t become a coach earlier. I have a steely determination that I will invest in your success and my clients, and my coach, tells me I am extremely intuitive.

Coaching makes me happy

Every step forward you make leaves me with greater insight, happier, more energised and fulfilled.  And so…

About You

  • You are looking for a breakthrough.
  • You recognise that you can achieve that with challenge and unbiased support.
  • You are open minded and willing to try new approaches.
  • You are willing to change the beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you.
  • You are now ready to now invest in your success?

Your coaching will help others

For every 20 hours of paid coaching I commit to giving an hour free to individuals who are not in a position to make an investment


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